A team to help you ensure that you have all your travel plans covered

plan your journey well When it comes to making a journey, transporting yourself from point A to point B, regardless of the reason.

There are a whole cacophony of things which are good to keep in mind. This is the reason to why this website is here, namely to help you find the best possible way in which you can plan and execute your journey successfully with minimal issues and stress. This is of course especially important should you be someone who gets anxious easily and if you are someone who finds that travel is highly stressful and tiring.

Any type of journey is energy consuming, not only in the moments of it actually occurring, but also normally due to all the organisation and the stresses that are connected with the reasons for your travel. Even holidays can be stressful journeys if you are not planned enough. The wonderful team here are experienced in travel and experienced in planning successful journeys and knows what is good to keep in mind before, during, and at times after a journey is to happen or has happened.

It’s rare that after care for journeys are required, however at times there are issues which means having to be in contact with air travel providers after the journey is finished for reimbursements and compensation. Which is most commonly also an upsetting process which we here aim to help you though should it be relevant to you.

If you have questions or feedback for the dedicated team here, do let us know, we are always happy to receive any feedback and if there is something that you are missing on the website please get in touch though the contact page.

What awaits you at the airport

going to the airportThe caring team here would like to bring you some idea of what to expect when you are going to the airport. If you are a seasoned traveller like our team this may be only things which you are already closely familiar with, however it may also act as a reminder to some things which may have slipped your mind if you are not that consistent and regulars in going the air way. There are also changes happening quickly to the airports today, much due to the vast amount of traffic any given large city airport supports.

The things which you should be ready for when arriving at the port for your own take off, are the regular things of checking in, stating your attendance and dropping your baggage off for the incoming flight which you will be outgoing with. We recommend that you check and brush up on the security measures now put in place as some further restrictions of what you can bring as well as what items are allowed in your carryon luggage, so making sure that you are aware will save you having to dispose of any items of value to you. You can expect your luggage to be weighted as there are restrictions on most airlines both for the checked in luggage weight as well as what you choose to bring on board with you. There are commonly also a size maximum to abide by, which we strongly advise you to follow. As in failing to do so may end up in over weight charges, which are usually high and full of pain from your wallets point of view.

After check in and security check which you have to go though to get to the gates from which you can board the plane, the boarding will take place, always carry your documentation with you, securely but easy to access should you need to present your documents.

Travel light, travel easy and fast!

Travel light, travel easy and fastOf course what you pack is fully dependant on where you are doing and what the purpose of your journey is, as well as how long the duration will be. However, as a general rule, the experienced team here would like to suggest that you pack lighter. No matter what you have put in your bag, unless you are an extremely minimalist packer, we are sure there are a few items that you don’t really need to bring. Which on top of being extraneous run the risk of not leaving the bag at all during your trip. Of course when battling high paced and stressful day to day life, it is important to have some level of convenience simply to save you time and energy, however consider this. When you are now going on a journey, what would you imagine that your day to day life will be for the coming period?

Every item you bring with you which adds weight but no utility will potentially cost you extra bag check in fees, if not on the way out perhaps on the way back. There is also the burden of carrying it which can add to your already existing back problem or spawn an entirely new set of aches and pains to deal with.

Take it from an experienced traveller team, the lighter the better, and if you think you need to bring something, think again, and then think one more time. You will save money, hassle and health by taking this advice on board.

An additional benefit to being able to travel light, is that for some journeys it may even be sufficient to bring only a carryon bag, in which case you will save money and time from not having any additional bags to check in, and with many airlines offering online check in, you will be able to walk straight to the gate and fly without any big stops in ques.

The travel of your luggage

beach in suitcaseWhen you go on a journey by air, you are well familiar with the ways that you make your way, however should you have luggage checked-in, as many do, you and your bag go separate paths for a while. Some may find it interesting to know a little about what goes on during this time of separation from your beloved things.

Of course at the airport during the time when you are still with your bag, often a voice in the speakers tell you how you cannot part with it or leave it as they say unattended, but after your luggage has been checked in, it’s completely on its own.

Although in the mass the risk is not grand, there are many reports of stolen goods in bags, simply meaning that your highly valuable items should not be packed here. And if possible it’s always a good idea to get a bag which has a decent lock on and a strong zip.

Of course you must comply with the packing laws, and illegal goods or explosive, flammables etc. are not allowed, in these cases it’s of course inevitable that your bag will be opened. The luggage are to a great extent carried by machines. During this transition the bags will take a bashing, and you may have seen the poor workers tasked with the heavy burden of loading and offloading the plane, and they are less than gentle in most cases. So keep this in mind, and ensure that you get a good and luggage to keep your things safe, even though the rapids of the independent travel it makes.

Another essential tip to remember is here presented by someone who we can put reasoned trust know what he is speaking about.

A good plan is the best way to ensure a successful journey

ensure that you have a good planSometimes you may hear people speak about things like over thinking, putting too much effort and plan into one action. However for the team here there is no such thing, sure to mull over the same topic over and over again with the same outcome can be classed as overthinking, or over planning. But in reality being well planned is not the same things as manically thinking about the same thing, with the same outcome each time.

For the team here, planning a journey is one of the most important thing one can do to ensure that it ends up a success. Ensuring that there is a backup plan for each thing which could go wrong, and ensuring that there is enough time left for the transitional steps of the journey is of vital importance. This will not only cater for any disruptions to your plan which may occur and be out of your hands, but it will also ensure that you in your own stress have some room to make a few mistakes of your own. Of course not everyone is a nervous traveller, but there are few who don’t get a little jittery with the prospects of having to make a longer journey than usual.

Good preparation is key, and if you are interested in the steps we would suggest here before embarking on your travel, stay tuned for further updates. There are also a number of articles on different location on this webpage that can help you along the way, so please feel free to also make use of the search function.

Packing to go back home

keep the weight in mind for the returnWhen we think of packing for a journey it often includes only thoughts on what to take with us, what we need, what we want to wear, what might be useful and what we can’t live without. Or at least so we think. When searching for packing advice online you will no doubt run into a long row of different advice, some of which, from the army of travellers who post their experiences and advice online, seems coherent and simply accurate and on point across the board.

One of the most clearly resonating tips which echoes across the net when you fill your search engine with words related to suitcases, bags and travel is to pack light. There are a lot of thing which you will not require, this especially if you are only going away for a short while. The best way to sum it up is simply to say, bring half the stuff, and twice the cash.

Most things you don’t want to bother about when you are on holiday, and you certainly won’t really need that hair dryer, or that extra pair of shoes as you will be busy with adventure and with a bit of spare cash available there are no direct issues that you cannot resolve should you need it.

Also to keep in mind, something which quite often is forgotten, is that there will be a return journey, of course how much extra stuff you will bring back depends largely on your personality, but there is a very common tendency to at least bring a little more back then you set out with, as there are gifts to get and mementos to keep.

So ensuring that you have planned for some extra space on your way back is also important advice, and you know yourself best, meaning that you also know how much space you will need. Keep tuned for more great travel and flying tips and if there are any questions get in touch with the team here today.

Make sure to be in good time

ensure you have enough time for unexpected eventsIt may be a seemingly obvious reminder, but we have all been there, as the time is racing past there is this and that which we just had to do before we were off. And all of a sudden a mad rush has replaced the calm and stress-free journey that we had planned. With this type of scenario which we all dread, many of us due to actually having been in a similar situation in the past, it’s always wise to plan with enough time between any connecting transportation methods you are using. Accounting for extra time for bag check in separate to security check, and finally boarding the plane at the gate.

Flying can at times feel stressful, however, by making sure that you have enough time should something go against plan is a great idea. Many of highly stressful travel situations occur due to just that factor, the lack of time, most other issues, all the way up having to go back for your passport can be resolved simply if there is enough time spare to resolve them in. Many airlines don’t allow you to change your flight if you have missed it and you may also risk standing with the bill of an extra ticket should you be late.

It is true that today the airports are becoming more and more stream lined and the security checks are faster, just as the luggage check in and the boarding, however some time is still required at each of these stations meaning that you do best by ensuring that you are there for your flight, in good time. How busy an airport is often depends on its size, and how fast you get though each individual step varies from place to place. If it’s your first time at a particular airport it may be a good idea to do some research on that particular port before your journey.

Choosing your destinations

how to choose your destinationLooking to pick a destination that both suits your current desires, your current needs and your current budget? Well the team here cannot pick for you, however we can give you some good tips when it comes to planning your journey, and some reminder of things to keep in mind when choosing your travel destination. With each journey, be it for work, studies or holiday you will always benefit from making sure you are in charge. That you have made the choices beforehand if you are unsure. This of course if the purpose of your journey doesn’t include intuitively choosing where you want to go next.

There are a row of factors to keep in mind, and price is most definitely a prominent one. As flights especially tend to fluctuate much during different seasons, even down to the weakly flux of being cheaper during the middle of the week and being very expensive at the end of the week. So much so that picking your times the correct way may actually make room for another journey later on in your budget if there is enough time in your schedule for it. Simply said, ensure that you as much as possible keep flexible, as there can be hundreds of pounds to save on a single journey by being up to date with costs and of course booking your flight in good time.

To the choice of destinations, you will surely have your own list of places which you would like to go, perhaps locations which have been recommended by a friend, or places with specific attractions or culture worth seeing to you. The key, which the team here agrees strongly on here, is research, if you do your research, you will meet with suggestions along the way, and although at times the research can be tiring it’s never energy you will regret spending once you touch down in your chosen favourite place.