Getting on the plane with a phobia of flying

don’t let a fear of flying stop you

If you are someone who avoids travel due to the fact that the thought of getting on a plane and fly thousands of feet above the ground is a horrifying experience. There are many people today who suffer a phobia of flying. The reason we call it a phobia, is because it is. It’s an irrational fear, and if you had a look at statistics and numbers you will soon see that you run a higher risk of injury and death just by walking across the road in your home city. Any good locksmith Islington could tell you that.

The fear that you feel when thinking about flying is not a rational one, however the team here understands that it feels real. There are many individuals who work hard with their fears, confront them, take therapy or simply take sleeping pills to sleep their way though their potential suffering during the flight. You should not miss out on the chance to travel the world efficiently, easily and cheaply due to some little thing such as this. There are a number of great resources online which can help you overcome the fear of flying you have, of course not all cases are curable, but with good planning and some preparation there may be a wonderful future of flying and travelling in front of you. Many dream of travelling as children or young adults, and with good reason, we are only human and need to satisfy our need for adventure and discovery. Today we are able to do so both in the flesh, in the real world though accessible travel, and in the digital world, by using the internet and by communicating through media channels not made for text only, but made up from images, videos and much more. Don’t miss your chance at the one life that you have, make sure that you overcome your fears and go capture your dreams as fast as you can. Time is not forever, and the little time you have should be used in the best way you can imagine.

Escape the winter before it’s too late
escape the cold when you have the chanceThe team here would like to advise you to get online, do your budget, and ensure that you book flights overseas before they run out, and before you find yourself having lived through the entire winter in suffering and cold. If your budget can stretch, or if you can stretch it, it may just be worth your while to take some time out and escape one of the forecaster coldest winters in a long time. Booking flights these days is as simple as finding the right deal online, and with many airlines providing you with the opportunity to check in online and book all your to and from airport traveling the same way, everything can be done quickly and easily, all you need to do is find the right destination.

Some of the most popular destinations at this time of year are the canary islands, Thailand and south of Spain. If you are unsure of how to find the right destination for yourself, why not let the budget steer and pick your destination by the price. Our blog contributor locksmith Ealing Steve has opened doors alll his working life but says the real door opening is opening ones eyes to the world.Select your airport for flying out, and use a search engine which allows you to look for any flights in the coming month sorting by the cheapest first. This is a method which has been used by many of our team members in the past and with it there has been great success, many great and wonderful journeys have been booked this way and we recommend you to try it out for yourself. The cold will still be here when you come back, we guarantee you will not miss it, not if you are anything like the warm blooded and kind team here.

Taking that first step out into exploration
the first step can be the hardest Have you ever heard someone come back from a journey speak about regret? It is indeed something highly uncommon, and any journey taken, especially if the journey is of a longer kind either in geographical miles or at length in the aspect of time. Regret is almost never found in these situations as the lessons learned and the realisation had are often of such eye opening kinds that it’s hard to regret one’s experiences, even if they were partially or even fully bad. The caring team here would recommend anyone to take at least one longer journey in their life for the experience, for what you will learn from simply seeing something which is different.

With the world today being so greatly accessible, as expressed often by us, there are few excuses good enough to not take that first step. Saying that however we are also aware of just how difficult it can be, how hard it can be to pull oneself from the safety and security of what is familiar and known. We are after all habitual creatures, and we like things to not change too much, but perhaps we need things to change more than we need to keep what we have. This at least is the lesson one of our team has had personally from a virgin backpacking journey through Europe.

We will not go as far as to say take a step and never look back, things revolve and often people return to where they’ve been or came from, we seek consistency also in our own personal existence and our own story has to be coherent and make sense for us to be able to live it.

The miracle of flight and a century in the air
A century of flight‘Time flies, especially when you are in the air!’ is something we’ve heard spoken by many business men and travellers alike. And there is truth to the words. It’s hard to be live that we have now passed the century celebration of getting airborne as a human race. 1903 was the year the Wright brothers first took off and stayed in the air, and we can all agree that time has surely flown fast since then. We wonder what they would be thinking if they knew the commercial extent to which many of us use flying almost as a commuting tool, something so regular in our daily lives that the miracle of it is easily forgotten. Of course there are still some issues with the flying industry around the globe, and the giant emission issues that we are building for ourselves is another questions, to be dealt with someone who can.

Flying is the convenient, fun and fast way to get about, a welcome invention for all the billions walking the planet today. Of course many of the billions does not have easy access to flights, as there are regulations and costs involved. So although not anyone one can fly, the privilege is there for a great many, and with the prices as low as they have ever been, there is nothing to stop also you from going on that great holiday that you’ve been dreaming of all year. And if you do, remember to give a moment’s notice to the miracle of flight and the vast technologies and the history which live under the hull of every jet plane comments our locksmith in Bristol Dave White.

Some needed time off
Some time offWe all have a tendency to push off our own relaxation, in the busy world of today there is no time for that sort of thing. The lists are too long and they are in desperate need of attendance and making sure you get through it all is a must or else there is not even a breath of relief at the end of the unsatisfactory day. Take a rest, that is what we say here, and although it’s much harder than it seems, especially if you are used to the high running place. You will find the second you sit down that you are anxious to get to the next thing on the to do list, but let it come and let it pass, have a little rest, a little time to think, about life, about work, about the people you love, it will no doubt be one of the most productive things that you can do. The brain functions like any musical, and without rest you know that any muscle wears down and isn’t given time to recuperate. The same goes for the mind, and you mind needs the rest as much as your body does. The next time you work your muscle it will perform better, after the fibres have healed, stronger and better than before. This is true for the daily timescale, but it also true for the day of the year. As in, there needs to be longer periods of rest in the space of the year, and one way to cut yourself off from the work is to go abroad. The crew here are all in favour of making use of our modern time air travel, although the carbon footprint of flyers is high, your need for rest, relaxation and fun is more important, however we would state that keeping your air travel under a dozen journeys a year might be a reasonable amount to still be eligible for the good guy category as long as you do you’re on the surface recycling and turn off your lights when you’re not in the room. Actions for ecology are mainly symbolic, and it includes all of it at the present, the pollution is also included in the current ecosystem.

The art of compact packing
The art of packing a suitcase
The art of packing is largely knowing what you will need and what you won’t, much of it consists of actually not needing as much as you would imagine yourself to. And rather than the packing as a one time event, one should treat it as a general skill, especially if you are planning on going away for a longer journey. The packing, and repacking which takes place in such circumstances are many, and at times in great spread. By getting into a habit and a logical order of packing your things you will be quicker with time, and perhaps even manage to do a great job under time pressure and in highly stressful situations. On our humble webpage you will find a great row of packing tips along the way, and if you scroll through our pages which are packed with what we see as vital and useful information for any traveller, no matter if they are new on the road or experienced wanderers. There are many great tricks to keep in mind, and our number one tip is to think multi purpose, with everything that you have, what ever it is that you have, does it only have one purpose, and if that is the case, can you get rid of it? It’s too much to carry, too much to pack, too much to care for if it can only do one puny task. Ensuring all your items are flexible in use, and that your mind and mind state whilst travelling is the same can be greatly beneficial when you are out and about. The packing of a bag, any bag can always be brought to an art which brings together practicality, spirituality and efficiency. Send us a message if you have any packing tips you want to share of with your questions for the team, we’ll be in touch soon as long as you get in touch first!

Having a break is one of the most productive things you can do
have a well deserved rest for productivity according to wikipoedia If you like many today are living a busy life where time seems to be running away faster than a gazelle with a lion at it’s tail, then you are much like the team here. We have great understanding of the need for productivity in the world of today, and if you are looking to become more productive yourself there are of course many ways to do so. The thing which we’d like to explore today, something that is commonly forgotten as it both seems illogical and counter intuitive when the goal is to get more done. The subject today is naturally, having a break. Going away, completely, drop what you are doing and let your mind focus on something completely different. Many famous discoveries which have shaped our history, our sciences and our culture today were said to have been realisations had by great men, unfortunately there were not that many women innovators in the past due to social views, having a break. Being away from what would be classed as their life work. You may have heard stories about men having baths, running naked down the street with their discoveries.

It’s a known fact today, that in order to let your brain do its best work, you need a whole deal of things, and one of the most important things and an absolute top priority here is rest, sleep, a break. You know yourself how poor concentration goes if you spend too much time working on the same problem, it’s as if you stare yourself blind at it and there are no solutions in sight. Only when you come away, and let your mind wander into different subject areas can realisations and great ideas occur. So, take the understanding teams word for it, have a break, why not book some time away this winter and enjoy some sunshine and perhaps, though not thinking about work, many of the work related issues you are facing may be resolved, seemingly effortless.

An accessible world
just a few of the many flight routesThe team here feels strongly that we are fortunate to have been born in this era, where human history has reached a state of accessibility. Never before have the world been on your doorstep as it is today, and never before have we been able to move so freely across the globe.

Thanks to air travel, people are having new experiences every day, meeting with cultures, places and relations which would have never came to them without the geographical shift. If you are one of the many who dream of travel, and have never been to many parts of the world, the team here would like to offer some encouragement and inspiration in taking that first terrifying step of trying something different.

The first argument we would bring up is simply a question. Have you spoken to many people who have been traveling who regret that they went? Of course there will be incidents and rare occasions with accidents, but that is no different to the risk that you face by being still. Should you feel stuck in your current situation, why not book yourself in for a holiday, perhaps one without ending date, and see where it takes you. There are countless number of flights to the content available at discount prices, so check online now to find a deal and a destination which suits your preference.

And don’t worry about tomorrow, think instead, what if there is no tomorrow. The team here sees it an important point to remember that you live only once, at least in this way and shape, so ensure that you don’t miss out and ensure that you make the most of it, by going out and having a peak at the world, by experiencing, by being brave.

Air safety and good practices
keep safe in the airSomething that the team here have noticed, not the least in ourselves is the tendency to space out during the security announcements, the standard where the stewards and stewardesses perform their dance of safety in case of emergency, now if you are a frequent flyer, then perhaps you know the song to which they play very well. But, there is always a good reason to pay attention anyway.

We of course never get on an air plane thinking that it will crash, however, and this may sound like a repeat, but your unconscious processes information when you are not. Simply meaning just by giving you precious attention away for the one to two minutes at the start of each flight is something which will make you react in the way required in the unlikely event of a crash landing.

As stated, we mention this because we ourselves with the many air miles we have together in the team tend to zone out a little during this first phase of flight, I would even go as far as to admit to one time falling asleep when it was conducted. Not something to be proud of, but it did serve as a good reminder to where my attention actually was at that time.

So stay safe, keep attention, and remember, it’s not only for your own safety, it’s for those who are flying with you as well, and with a joint collective intention and effort to make air travel more secure, we will no doubt get closer and closer to an optimal state of running.

The best ways to prepare for the longest journey so far
readty yourself for your journey with the rak teamIf you are a traveller and have been around the world in many different ways and weathers, perhaps you don’t need to look at tips on how to prepare for travel, which is a good thing as this tip that the team here would like to offer to all the good natures and adventurous souls which are planning more motion geographically in the near future.

If you are making the plans for the largest journey to date, a whopping year or two is the minimum amount of time that you want to stay on the road, well then the tip which we originally shared with a neighbouring travel team is to start small. Make a little journey first, where you get to feel what it is to live on the things that you have packed, where you get an idea of how much money you will actually need, where you get to test run things so to speak.

Of course it will not be as the original journey, but at the end of the day you might save yourself a whole world of trouble and carrying by making such a little action. Of course if you can do it depends on how much money you were born with our that you slaved together, but a short preparation journey is always a good idea for those with the ability to. One could argue that if you don’t have to work and have plenty of cash spare, you can just live life on the road, and that is true, you don’t have to prepare overly much then, money takes you most places and get’s you most things you want, all you then need to do is look up on safety and keep travelling in a safe way. If you are like most of the lower classes, you have to travel without this preparation, with broken gear, and without any money, if you managed to go for a test run of travel, you will get a taste of how hard life on the road can be, and maybe you will be averted from taking on such a tough journey. One that will teach you lots, but exhaust your mind and body in a numbing and stupefying way.

A team to help you ensure that you have all your travel plans covered
plan your journey well When it comes to making a journey, transporting yourself from point A to point B, regardless of the reason.

There are a whole cacophony of things which are good to keep in mind. This is the reason to why this website is here, namely to help you find the best possible way in which you can plan and execute your journey successfully with minimal issues and stress. This is of course especially important should you be someone who gets anxious easily and if you are someone who finds that travel is highly stressful and tiring.

Any type of journey is energy consuming, not only in the moments of it actually occurring, but also normally due to all the organisation and the stresses that are connected with the reasons for your travel. Even holidays can be stressful journeys if you are not planned enough. The wonderful team here are experienced in travel and experienced in planning successful journeys and knows what is good to keep in mind before, during, and at times after a journey is to happen or has happened.

It’s rare that after care for journeys are required, however at times there are issues which means having to be in contact with air travel providers after the journey is finished for reimbursements and compensation. Which is most commonly also an upsetting process which we here aim to help you though should it be relevant to you. Many travel for business such as our contributor locksmith Chelsea who is a keen visitor to other places. If you have questions or feedback for the dedicated team here, do let us know, we are always happy to receive any feedback and if there is something that you are missing on the website please get in touch though the contact page.

What awaits you at the airport
going to the airportThe caring team here would like to bring you some idea of what to expect when you are going to the airport. If you are a seasoned traveller like our team this may be only things which you are already closely familiar with, however it may also act as a reminder to some things which may have slipped your mind if you are not that consistent and regulars in going the air way. There are also changes happening quickly to the airports today, much due to the vast amount of traffic any given large city airport supports.

The things which you should be ready for when arriving at the port for your own take off, are the regular things of checking in, stating your attendance and dropping your baggage off for the incoming flight which you will be outgoing with. We recommend that you check and brush up on the security measures now put in place as some further restrictions of what you can bring as well as what items are allowed in your carryon luggage, so making sure that you are aware will save you having to dispose of any items of value to you. You can expect your luggage to be weighted as there are restrictions on most airlines both for the checked in luggage weight as well as what you choose to bring on board with you. There are commonly also a size maximum to abide by, which we strongly advise you to follow. As in failing to do so may end up in over weight charges, which are usually high and full of pain from your wallets point of view.

After check in and security check which you have to go though to get to the gates from which you can board the plane, the boarding will take place, always carry your documentation with you, securely but easy to access should you need to present your documents.

Travel light, travel easy and fast!
Travel light, travel easy and fastOf course what you pack is fully dependant on where you are doing and what the purpose of your journey is, as well as how long the duration will be. However, as a general rule, the experienced team here would like to suggest that you pack lighter. No matter what you have put in your bag, unless you are an extremely minimalist packer, we are sure there are a few items that you don’t really need to bring. Which on top of being extraneous run the risk of not leaving the bag at all during your trip. Of course when battling high paced and stressful day to day life, it is important to have some level of convenience simply to save you time and energy, however consider this. When you are now going on a journey, what would you imagine that your day to day life will be for the coming period?

Every item you bring with you which adds weight but no utility will potentially cost you extra bag check in fees, if not on the way out perhaps on the way back. There is also the burden of carrying it which can add to your already existing back problem or spawn an entirely new set of aches and pains to deal with.

Take it from an experienced traveller team, the lighter the better, and if you think you need to bring something, think again, and then think one more time. You will save money, hassle and health by taking this advice on board.

An additional benefit to being able to travel light, is that for some journeys it may even be sufficient to bring only a carryon bag, in which case you will save money and time from not having any additional bags to check in, and with many airlines offering online check in, you will be able to walk straight to the gate and fly without any big stops in ques.

The travel of your luggage
beach in suitcaseWhen you go on a journey by air, you are well familiar with the ways that you make your way, however should you have luggage checked-in, as many do, you and your bag go separate paths for a while. Some may find it interesting to know a little about what goes on during this time of separation from your beloved things.

Of course at the airport during the time when you are still with your bag, often a voice in the speakers tell you how you cannot part with it or leave it as they say unattended, but after your luggage has been checked in, it’s completely on its own.

Although in the mass the risk is not grand, there are many reports of stolen goods in bags, simply meaning that your highly valuable items should not be packed here. And if possible it’s always a good idea to get a bag which has a decent lock on and a strong zip.

Of course you must comply with the packing laws, and illegal goods or explosive, flammables etc. are not allowed, in these cases it’s of course inevitable that your bag will be opened. The luggage are to a great extent carried by machines. During this transition the bags will take a bashing, and you may have seen the poor workers tasked with the heavy burden of loading and offloading the plane, and they are less than gentle in most cases. So keep this in mind, and ensure that you get a good and luggage to keep your things safe, even though the rapids of the independent travel it makes.

Another essential tip to remember is here presented by someone who we can put reasoned trust know what he is speaking about.

The season for travel on the doorstep
summer holiday seasonHave you planned your summer holiday yet? Well, as you may have noticed, the season has already arrived, and at a speedy pace at that. Hopefully the arrival of the warm rays of the sun have left you feeling rejuvenated and powered you up to seek the travel experiences you so have been longing for.

There are a countless number of ways one can travel abroad, and perhaps now as we are coming up to vote about our own inclusion in the European union, it might be wise to take the chance to travel before that date, as some changes may occur.

One popular way to travel, which we highly recommend is to choose a destination as a starter point, and make your way from there back home to the UK. There are many great choices, and spending some time on ground travel, seeing and feeling the landscape pass, and feeling the geographical shifts in your senses are teachers without equals.

All this said, if you live in the UK, you will no doubt be under the same time and money pressure as most people are, and you fight for your existence by simply pushing through continuously. If you have the financial backing to do it, it may be a good idea choose one of the other very popular options, which is to fly out with a one way ticket. And picking your flight back depending on where you end up. Open end returns, and of course set holiday plans are also common of course, as most of the working class, need to get back to work on time.

If you need assistance, or if you have questions for the team here, don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.

A good plan is the best way to ensure a successful journey
ensure that you have a good planSometimes you may hear people speak about things like over thinking, putting too much effort and plan into one action. However for the team here there is no such thing, sure to mull over the same topic over and over again with the same outcome can be classed as overthinking, or over planning. But in reality being well planned is not the same things as manically thinking about the same thing, with the same outcome each time.

For the team here, planning a journey is one of the most important thing one can do to ensure that it ends up a success. Ensuring that there is a backup plan for each thing which could go wrong, and ensuring that there is enough time left for the transitional steps of the journey is of vital importance. This will not only cater for any disruptions to your plan which may occur and be out of your hands, but it will also ensure that you in your own stress have some room to make a few mistakes of your own. Of course not everyone is a nervous traveller, but there are few who don’t get a little jittery with the prospects of having to make a longer journey than usual.

Good preparation is key, and if you are interested in the steps we would suggest here before embarking on your travel, stay tuned for further updates. There are also a number of articles on different location on this webpage that can help you along the way, so please feel free to also make use of the search function.

Love flying and become a wander of the world
air travel for those who wish to see the worldFor those of you out there who have travel dreams, it’s time to become a lover of flying, there is nothing wrong with flying even if it’s very bad for the environment, as the plane which you are getting on would be leaving with or without you.

It makes no difference at all to the big picture, and why should you have miss out on what could be the coming of age, or the experience of a lifetime for you. Here the team are for air travel, as it opens minds, hearts and often spawns great ideas to how we can make a better future from what is rather than pacing backwards in time and aiming to live like hunter and gatherers when we are so much further advanced. Between the walking collecting berries and eating all day to the intellectual revolution, to the history of human thought and to the sophistication of the common man, we have indeed come a long way. In our reach are experiences which our ancestors would not even be able to dream of, and surely this is a feeling felt by each generation as they grow up in the world of today.

The youngest members of our society sees a much different picture to us, just as our parents did, and you needn’t look back far to see a world where borders were closed and travel was near impossible for the citizens of any country. All the team here want to convey is our enthusiasm for the openness of the world today, the opportunity and the possibility, don’t miss your chance, ensure that you have a look around the globe before it’s too late.

Packing to go back home
keep the weight in mind for the returnWhen we think of packing for a journey it often includes only thoughts on what to take with us, what we need, what we want to wear, what might be useful and what we can’t live without. Or at least so we think. When searching for packing advice online you will no doubt run into a long row of different advice, some of which, from the army of travellers who post their experiences and advice online, seems coherent and simply accurate and on point across the board.

One of the most clearly resonating tips which echoes across the net when you fill your search engine with words related to suitcases, bags and travel is to pack light. There are a lot of thing which you will not require, this especially if you are only going away for a short while. The best way to sum it up is simply to say, bring half the stuff, and twice the cash.

Most things you don’t want to bother about when you are on holiday, and you certainly won’t really need that hair dryer, or that extra pair of shoes as you will be busy with adventure and with a bit of spare cash available there are no direct issues that you cannot resolve should you need it.

Also to keep in mind, something which quite often is forgotten, is that there will be a return journey, of course how much extra stuff you will bring back depends largely on your personality, but there is a very common tendency to at least bring a little more back then you set out with, as there are gifts to get and mementos to keep.

So ensuring that you have planned for some extra space on your way back is also important advice, and you know yourself best, meaning that you also know how much space you will need. Keep tuned for more great travel and flying tips and if there are any questions get in touch with the team here today.

Make sure to be in good time
ensure you have enough time for unexpected eventsIt may be a seemingly obvious reminder, but we have all been there, as the time is racing past there is this and that which we just had to do before we were off. And all of a sudden a mad rush has replaced the calm and stress-free journey that we had planned. With this type of scenario which we all dread, many of us due to actually having been in a similar situation in the past, it’s always wise to plan with enough time between any connecting transportation methods you are using. Accounting for extra time for bag check in separate to security check, and finally boarding the plane at the gate.

Flying can at times feel stressful, however, by making sure that you have enough time should something go against plan is a great idea. Many of highly stressful travel situations occur due to just that factor, the lack of time, most other issues, all the way up having to go back for your passport can be resolved simply if there is enough time spare to resolve them in. Many airlines don’t allow you to change your flight if you have missed it and you may also risk standing with the bill of an extra ticket should you be late.

It is true that today the airports are becoming more and more stream lined and the security checks are faster, just as the luggage check in and the boarding, however some time is still required at each of these stations meaning that you do best by ensuring that you are there for your flight, in good time. How busy an airport is often depends on its size, and how fast you get though each individual step varies from place to place. If it’s your first time at a particular airport it may be a good idea to do some research on that particular port before your journey.

Choosing your destinations
how to choose your destinationLooking to pick a destination that both suits your current desires, your current needs and your current budget? Well the team here cannot pick for you, however we can give you some good tips when it comes to planning your journey, and some reminder of things to keep in mind when choosing your travel destination. With each journey, be it for work, studies or holiday you will always benefit from making sure you are in charge. That you have made the choices beforehand if you are unsure. This of course if the purpose of your journey doesn’t include intuitively choosing where you want to go next.

There are a row of factors to keep in mind, and price is most definitely a prominent one. As flights especially tend to fluctuate much during different seasons, even down to the weakly flux of being cheaper during the middle of the week and being very expensive at the end of the week. So much so that picking your times the correct way may actually make room for another journey later on in your budget if there is enough time in your schedule for it. Simply said, ensure that you as much as possible keep flexible, as there can be hundreds of pounds to save on a single journey by being up to date with costs and of course booking your flight in good time.

To the choice of destinations, you will surely have your own list of places which you would like to go, perhaps locations which have been recommended by a friend, or places with specific attractions or culture worth seeing to you. The key, which the team here agrees strongly on here, is research, if you do your research, you will meet with suggestions along the way, and although at times the research can be tiring it’s never energy you will regret spending once you touch down in your chosen favourite place.